DiscoverExQueeriencePointsEQP SF S2 EP0 Part 1 Meet the cast/crew!
EQP SF S2 EP0 Part 1 Meet the cast/crew!

EQP SF S2 EP0 Part 1 Meet the cast/crew!

Update: 2019-06-05


 Hello everyone, and welcome back to ExQueeriencePoints Starfinder your favorite all queer cast Starfinder podcast!  

On this week’s ExQueerience Points we all gather together to talk about our new Season! We're very excited to add a new cast member: PBPlays, as well as the transition of Punderdrone/Kenny to the GM seat, and finally MiyuPlaysGames/Miyu as a player!

We're also excited to be starting off with a new podcasting style! We'll be live streaming the show on twitch every other Saturday starting June 1, 2019. During our livestreams we'll have ways that the audience can interact with us - like being able to give advantage or disadvantage on rolls, forcing re-rolls of players/NPCs, and some other stuff we're planning! 

Through Pride month you can also win some cool swag from Q-Workshop (@Unusualdice on Twitter) and some awesome Paizo stuff like Critical hit/fumble decks AND the new Beginners Box if you tune into the Twitch stream. So if you have ever wanted to be able to play but have been on the fence about investing in a new TTRPG - this is your chance to get started! 

As to the changes to the podcast we'll be doing the live stream THEN we'll be taking the audio and doing some fine tuning in production for the podcast, as well as uploading to Youtube! So a great many changes that we are hoping will be entertaining and fun for us and you. 

So check out this episode zero part 1 where we talk about all things Season 2!

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EQP SF S2 EP0 Part 1 Meet the cast/crew!

EQP SF S2 EP0 Part 1 Meet the cast/crew!

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