DiscoverEarn Your LeisureEYL #56 Full Court Pumps feat. Mandii B
EYL #56 Full Court Pumps feat. Mandii B

EYL #56 Full Court Pumps feat. Mandii B

Update: 2020-01-075


Mandii B aka Full Court Pumps is the host of Whoreible Decisions Podcast. Her show ranks in the top 1% of all podcast in regards to listenership. She left her job as an accountant at one of the largest accounting firms in the world last year to become a full-time podcaster when she matched her annual corporate salary from her show in the first 5 months of the year.

In episode 56 we teamed up with Mandii to cover one of our most requested topics, how to start and make money from a podcast. Mandii broke down her show’s revenue model step by step and explained how they brought in a quarter-million dollars last year. She explained the touring process, patreon, ads and more. She also gave a look into the politics and inner workings of being on the top podcast network. The World of podcasting has a lot more millionaires to make in the next few years. In this episode we gave all the tools and insight anyone needs to get going.

Mandii’s energy is contagious, there are no dull moments in this episode.

Guest IG: @fullcourtpumps
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EYL #56 Full Court Pumps feat. Mandii B

EYL #56 Full Court Pumps feat. Mandii B

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