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EYL #59 Ladder of Success

EYL #59 Ladder of Success

Update: 2020-01-212


Brandon Mitchell started taking college courses in high school, when he entered college he obtained three bachelor degrees in three years as a triple undergraduate major. He studied economics, finance, and management information systems. While taking 26 credits a semester he also started two businesses.

After he graduated he began to work at one of the largest accounting firms in the world, Price Waterhouse Cooper. At 21 he was earning six figures and was on the path to be a corporate superstar.

Despite having “a good job” he felt he could do more and help more people if he worked for himself. In 2019 he bet on himself and quit his job to become a full-time entrepreneur with his company Brand Resumes. Brand Resumes is a career development company that helps people with resume writing and career advancement services. In the first 7 months of business, Brand Resumes grossed over $140,000 of revenue and is on pace to quadruple that number in 2020.

At 23 years old Brandon is our youngest guest to date. In episode 59 Brandon broke down his journey from leaving the corporate world to becoming an entrepreneur, he also gave tips for anyone to implement to improve their career opportunities and increase their salary. This is one of our most important episodes to date, not only did Brandon give the blueprint behind his business but he also provided practical information that can be used by anyone looking for employment or looking to improve their employment status.

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EYL #59 Ladder of Success

EYL #59 Ladder of Success

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