DiscoverEarn Your LeisureEYL #61 Straight Outta Cashville
EYL #61 Straight Outta Cashville

EYL #61 Straight Outta Cashville

Update: 2020-02-041


This week, our Hometown Heroes edition comes courtesy of the legendary city of Nashville, Tennessee. If you’re from Tennessee you have most likely heard of Slim and Husky’s. The new age pizza chain is the talk of the town in the culinary industry. With three locations in Tennessee, one in Atlanta and one more Atlanta location on the way, their reach is growing at a fast pace.

The company is not your average pizza store. It was created by three childhood friends (Emanuel Reed, Derrick Moore, and Clinton Gray) who have grown into serial entrepreneurs. The pizzeria combines hip hop, style, art and community givebacks to make the pizza-buying experience different from their competition.

Their pizza business is booming but the story goes deeper than that. The trio started their first business with a few thousand dollars in 2010, which was a green eco-friendly moving company. They sold that company a few years later for over a million dollars. After the sale, they used the proceeds to fund their next business which was Slim and Husky’s.

In episode 61, they told their story in detail, they explained the process of selling a company, and broke down how they have created a scaleable business that is still community based. #Entrepreneur #Restauranteur

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EYL #61 Straight Outta Cashville

EYL #61 Straight Outta Cashville

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