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EYL #73 Cloth Talk

EYL #73 Cloth Talk

Update: 2020-03-31


Diversity is a huge problem in silicon valley, only 1% of tech jobs are made up of African Americans, less than 1% of tech startup founders are African American and even less than that percentage of Venture Captial money goes to black start-ups.

Kwame Anku has spent a large portion of his life trying to change that. After graduating from the prestigious Stanford University, he Co-Founded Black angel tech fund which was a groundbreaking black owned venture capital fund, he is the CEO of the Black Star Fund which is a V.C. firm that focuses on investing in black start up companies. He was hand-selected by the iconic Prince to build the legend’s online presence and app before he passed away.

His family is from Ghana and he has maintained strong ties with Africa. He has several real estate developments in Ghana and he serves as the Ambassador to the Ghana tech summit.

In episode 73, we covered the world of silicon valley, we talked about the journey of a successful startup, we covered the mindset that any entrepreneur needs to develop to become successful and we spoke about the opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors in Africa and the business and tech boom that is happening in Ghana. #Afrotech #coding

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EYL #73 Cloth Talk

EYL #73 Cloth Talk

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