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EYL #76 Respect the Game

EYL #76 Respect the Game

Update: 2020-04-211


The toy and gaming industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that almost everyone has partaken in at some point in life. There are millions of games and toys on the market. How widespread the field is, makes it remarkable that only three black-owned toy companies with patterns on their products have ever made it to the shelves of major retail outlets, known in the industry as Big-Box.

One of the three owners of the companies is Chantel Calloway. Chantel is the owner and creator of Rhyme Antics, which is a Hip Hop board game created to promote literacy and improve English skills. Chantel struck a deal with Target earlier this year to have Rhyme Antics distributed in 400 locations in North America, as well as online. She has been featured in Black Enterprise and The Breakfast Club.

In episode 76, Chantel broke down her business steps to get to where she is now. She discussed the process of invention, trademarks, copyrights and patterns. She also discussed ways to raise money for an idea via equity crowdfunding. She also discussed the process of creating focus groups and market testing. #gaming #toybusiness

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EYL #76 Respect the Game

EYL #76 Respect the Game

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