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EYL #79 Mental Wealth

EYL #79 Mental Wealth

Update: 2020-05-121


David McCullar is a superstar entrepreneur and mental health trailblazer. In 2005, David began suffering from severe anxiety, panic attacks, depression and insomnia. After a search to help his mental state, he found alternative treatments that helped the issues that he was dealing with. He found a treatment that drastically improved his mental health called Brainwave Optimization.

After experiencing the benefits of the treatment, he decided to help others and create a business out of his journey. The result was opening up the first-ever mental health gym. The facility is located outside of Detroit and is named Inception. Inception is a groundbreaking 21st century mental health gym that combines several different stress-relief modalities under one roof to treat clients in a holistic manner.

In episode 79 , David explained the business model behind the first-ever mental health gym. We discussed the importance of mental health in business. He gave tips on how people can improve their stress levels and we discussed the mental effects of social distancing. #Mentalhealth #Entrepreneur

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EYL #79 Mental Wealth

EYL #79 Mental Wealth

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