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EYL #80 The Budgetnista

EYL #80 The Budgetnista

Update: 2020-05-195


Tiffany Aliche aka The Budgetnista has earned the title of “America’s favorite financial educator.” She has spent over a decade teaching hundreds of thousands of people the tools to financial freedom.

Tiffany has built an online community of over a million people across all platforms teaching a broad range of financial fundamentals and wealth hacks. She started her finance journey as a former educator who was able to save $40,000 in two years while only making $39,000 a year. She has been a full-time entrepreneur for the past 12 years and now runs several multi-million dollar companies empowering others with the tools to become financially educated.

In episode 80, Tiffany covered the financial boot camp essentials. She broke down fundamentals that everyone needs to master in building wealth, including how to master the art of budgeting, how to save money regardless how much you are making, the best ways to pay off debt, and much more. #TheBudgetnista #budget #savings #debt

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EYL #80 The Budgetnista

EYL #80 The Budgetnista

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