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Earning What You're Worth as a Coach

Earning What You're Worth as a Coach

Update: 2021-04-05


In this episode, Jay Williams, Head of Client Success at High Impact Coaching, is having a great conversation about this important topic with Marissa Mackenzie, Health Coach, and Personal Trainer. 

Marisa has over 25 years of experience in the Personal Training and Health Coaching space, She's had amazing client results, but before she got started with us at HIC, Marisa was working crazy hours and approaching burnout. 

We’ve all been there, working 100+ hour weeks and wondering just how long we can keep doing what we’re doing, but sometimes all you need is the right support, accountability, and a new perspective to get things moving in the right direction.

Today we take a close look at her story, how She learned to charge what she's worth, how she achieved more balance in her life, how she went from 100+ hour weeks to now aiming at 35 hour weeks, doubling her income, and consistently hitting her financial goals.



You Will Learn:


  • How Marisa was approaching burnout.

  • Marisa's Journey, from working as a PT to becoming a Health Coach.

  • The difference between a Personal Trainer and a Health Coach.

  • The mindset that's keeping you from reaching your true potential.

  • The real reason you're not charging what you're worth.

  • The impact HIC had on Marisa's business and mindset.

  • How Marisa cut in half the amount of hours that she works and is now enjoying more freedom.

  • The best piece of advice Marisa has for you!




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Earning What You're Worth as a Coach

Earning What You're Worth as a Coach

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