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Ecoflix w/ David Casselman

Ecoflix w/ David Casselman

Update: 2022-05-28


David Casselman is paving the way for a new era of media, and he joins us on the podcast this week for an in depth conversation about Ecoflix, the world’s first not-for-profit media group committed to helping animals and the planet. The philanthropist explains how the platform aims to provide its viewers with inspiring, educational content relating to animals that, in turn, financially supports the very animals featured. We also discuss the environment, and David emphasizes the devastating impact climate change has on all animals and how Ecoflix shines a light on the subject matter. Plus, he tells us how Ecoflix ensures that its partners’ values align with the media group’s overarching purpose of saving animals and protecting the planet.

David Casselman is a philanthropist,  a trained psychologist, and a trial lawyer. After a 42-year career trying cases, writing, and teaching law in Los Angeles, David moved full time into his area of passion: saving animals. As a lawyer, he provided over 40 years of pro bono legal assistance to animals of all kinds. As a co-founder of the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary (CWS), David partnered with Lek Chailert and her husband, Darrick Thompson, to develop CWS and support their Elephant Nature Park sanctuary in Thailand.  Mr. Casselman also serves on various other boards, including the Whale Sanctuary Project and the Wolf Connection, as a pro bono advisor and donor.  Mr. Casselman founded Ecoflix, the first not-for-profit global media service dedicated to saving animals and the planet.  In this capacity, Mr. Casselman has been supporting animal causes around the world.  Ecoflix is now streaming worldwide on all forms of media, including Apple and Android TV.  All subscription dollars are donated as just one part of the efforts of Mr. Casselman and Ecoflix to save animals and protect ecosystem biodiversity around the world.

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Ecoflix w/ David Casselman

Ecoflix w/ David Casselman

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