DiscoverPassion Struck with John R. MilesEduardo Briceño on Break Free from the Performance Paradox EP 342
Eduardo Briceño on Break Free from the Performance Paradox EP 342

Eduardo Briceño on Break Free from the Performance Paradox EP 342

Update: 2023-09-07


In this episode of Passion Struck, host John R. Miles sits down with Eduardo Briceño, co-founder of Mindset Works and author of "The Performance Paradox." Eduardo shares his journey from a successful career in venture capital to discovering the power of a growth mindset and intentional living. They discuss the importance of stepping back and reflecting on our highest goals, the value of embracing the learning zone, and the strategies for continuous improvement. Join John and Eduardo as they delve into the mindset shifts necessary to break free from the chronic performance trap and unlock our full potential.

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Breaking Free from the Performance Paradox: Insights from Eduardo Briceño

Eduardo Briceño, the guest on this podcast episode, challenges the belief that working harder leads to greater success. He introduces the concept of the chronic performance trap, which is when relentless hard work results in exhaustion and dissatisfaction. Brasino shares strategies from successful individuals and companies on achieving peak performance while staying true to one's purpose. He discusses the importance of intentional living, learning while doing, and embracing mistakes as opportunities for growth.

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Eduardo Briceño on Break Free from the Performance Paradox EP 342

Eduardo Briceño on Break Free from the Performance Paradox EP 342

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