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Election Special: Gun Violence

Election Special: Gun Violence

Update: 2018-10-3012


After 11 people were shot and killed in a Pittsburgh synagogue over the weekend, mass shootings are back in the news. With the midterm elections happening next week, we've updated our episode on guns and are re-releasing it to give you the facts ahead of polling day.

Heads up: this episode contains the sound of guns - and we’ll be discussing homicide, suicide and domestic violence. Please take care when listening to the show. If you or someone you love is struggling, there's always someone you can call at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1 800-273-8255.

Check out the transcript, with all the citations, here.
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Kyle Martin Olin

You forgot one important factor. What happens when law abiding citizens give up their guns, and the State decides what is best for them? There were huge experiments conducted in the 20th century by Russia, China, Germany, etc... that indicates it doesnt go well for the citizens... Something to think about when the U.S.A. is being run by "literally Hitler", Canada has Fidel Castro's (or Castro's buddy Pierre) son as P.M., and France and Germany are threatening everybody in the EU to conform to there destructive agenda "or else"...

Dec 9th
Reply Mfz

you just referred Sri country...

Nov 5th


I think there are so many different variables and situations that you could analyze in relation to this topic and this episode only scratched the surface with what seems like flimsy data vs more flimsy data. It’s really hard to collect stats on events that don’t happen due to any factor. And I understand this is a replay episode but since they brought it up because of the synagogue shooting, I would have like to have heard analysis on mass shootings but they never mention it. I love the show but I think this episode was a little weak compared to others.

Oct 31st
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Election Special: Gun Violence

Election Special: Gun Violence