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Eliminate your excuses 02- consistency

Eliminate your excuses 02- consistency

Update: 2019-01-30




This one right here is a big one. It even tried to swallow me up this year!

So many plans and ideas trying to plan and figure myself out this year and i started to slip. Here i was trying to do a video every week to eliminate the excuses everyone has. And here we are 4 weeks in and i think i have 1 uploaded. Really Brian? That’s horrible. 

My solution is to give myself grace and give myself understand because i have noticed it and i will push to do better. That is going to be the biggest win for you. Do not just forgive yourself! Or else you may slip even more because you know that all you have to do is say I’m sorry and move on. Make sure that you hold yourself accountable, but also don’t beat yourself up about it. Make sure that you understand what you did and stand up to your future self to try to constantly improve. Do not just allow it and say i will try to do better tomorrow.

Go out there and get consistent with your craft and enjoy it. Whether it is 5 min a day with a coloring page or 1 hour a day with clay or a pencil. Have fun with it.

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Eliminate your excuses 02- consistency

Eliminate your excuses 02- consistency

Brian Dunn