Eliminating Costly Data Silos

Eliminating Costly Data Silos

Update: 2022-02-01


Today on The DooDoo Diva's Smells Like Money Podcast, Vice President and Pipeline Inspection and Condition Assessment Expert at APT (Advanced Plumbing Technologies), Chris Parker, talks about his effective take on condition assessment programs, a forecast on what AI can do to the sewers and inspection industry in the near future, and bidirectionality as a data factor. In the discussion, Chris also defines data silos and shares his two cents on how operators, municipalities, and data collectors alike can extend the power of their data in making jobs more efficient and effective.

This episode covers:

· What are data silos?

· Data needs to flow both ways

· Chris Parker – on proper coding and scoring structures

· The proper steps for your condition assessment program

· What will be the impact of AI to the sewer industry?

About Chris Parker:

Chris is a strong consultative and solutions-based leader adept at building and stewarding clients to ensure customer acquisition, loyalty, and satisfaction. As a collaborative leader, Chris has the proven ability to forge strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders, motivate cross-functional teams, and partner with senior leadership.

Expertise in all facets of client management including strategic planning, client engagement, acquisition, retention, territory growth, and project management, with specialized knowledge of RFPs, RFIs, and the competitive bid process, complex technical sales, and product/services development.

As a creative problem-solver, Chris enjoys identifying a customer’s needs and innovating customized solutions that maximize ROI. He is a persuasive and effective negotiator with astute business acumen and talent for cultivating and nurturing long-term client partnerships to deliver exceptional service while surpassing goals.

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Eliminating Costly Data Silos

Eliminating Costly Data Silos

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