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Embracing Imperfection with Jason Freeman

Embracing Imperfection with Jason Freeman

Update: 2021-12-06


Like most of us, Jason doesn’t remember the day he was born, but he knows that he had a rocky start when his umbilical cord became kinked, depriving him of much needed oxygen for a short time. This imperfect circumstance resulted in Jason developing Cerebral Palsy, a group of disorders that gifted him with a unique style of walking and talking. Against seemingly insurmountable odds, Jason is living his dream, speaking to people across North America, hoping to inspire them to see the best in themselves, take the next step toward their dreams, and pass on the legacy of embracing our imperfect best to the next generation.

Whenever Jason speaks to an audience, be it an intimate mastermind group in North County San Diego or an assembly of 1,500 high school students in Austin, Minnesota, he is absolutely, 100% committed to bringing his speech impediment with him. With his unique walk, awkwardly awesome message, a moving TEDx Talk, his Imperfect Best Book Series in progress, and unbridled love for country music, Jason is helping his family, friends, colleagues, and clients see their own circumstance as a potential stepping stone to reach for the stars.

In this episode:
1. Growing into the best version of me (Intro).
2. School days, insecurities, and a relentless tormentor (4:55 ).
3. Releasing the unattainable standard of perfection (10:30 ).
4. Stepping on stage for the first time (14:38 ).
5. The “Awkwardly Awesome Podcast” (19:10 ).
6. Making the best of any circumstance (22:07 ).
7. The freedom in doing your imperfect best (25:35 ).
8. The daily circle (34:09 ).

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If you’d like to get a free e-copy of Jason’s book, Awkwardly Awesome: Embracing My Imperfect Best, you can visit Jason’s website, or if you’d like a physical copy, you can order it from Amazon at

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Embracing Imperfection with Jason Freeman

Embracing Imperfection with Jason Freeman

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