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Embracing The Fear With WEDNESDAY 13

Embracing The Fear With WEDNESDAY 13

Update: 2022-10-05


For more than two decades Wednesday 13 has been the master of horror fuelled hard rock and punk both as a solo artist and fronting Murderdolls which also featured Joey Jordison on drums.
Wednesday is an interesting character in that what you see is what you get but he also holds some mystical prowess that makes you wary when trying to pidgeonhole his music for fear of being subconsciously dragged into his living horror fantasy.
An astute fan of horror films, Wednesday once more draws from the familiar well for his upcoming album Horrifier which will be released on October 7.
This time John Carpenter's Halloween series and the Christine supernatural thrillers have provided the bulk of the inspiration, but in true Wednesday 13 style the album also contains elements of and reference to a myriad of offerings from the macabre and terrifying pits of his imagination.
Wednesday sat down with HEAVY earlier in the week and invited us into the rabbit hole of sin that encapsulates his life.
"This is the ninth album from Wednesday 13 and I think we did another good one," he said confidently. "We spent the two years off in the pandemic writing and shaping this thing to be what it is, to become the Horrifier that it is. It seems that the reaction so far with the videos and singles and playing these songs live is that everyone's digging it so that's always a good thing. It's a good sign of relief whenever I put a record out, because I never know I'm very... I'm my own worst critic. I'm always hard on myself about how I should... are they gonna like it this time? Did I do a good enough job? Does this sound good enough? That's always a scary thing when you put out your first single and video and you see the reactions. We're living in the social media days where everybody gets to review your record and gets to give their opinion on how you should have did this or shouldn't have done this."
In the full interview Wednesday talks about the sonic direction of Horrifier, setting a cinematic landscape with music and the challenges of that, the single Insides Out and how it has been called his heaviest track ever, finding inspiration in horror films, his writing process, showcasing 20 years of music on Horrifier, the emotional closing track The Other Side and the meaning behind it, producing his own albums, an Australian tour and more.
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Embracing The Fear With WEDNESDAY 13

Embracing The Fear With WEDNESDAY 13

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