Embracing YOUr Voice!

Embracing YOUr Voice!

Update: 2019-11-22


On this empowering episode of Aging GreatFULLy, discover how your voice holds the key to unlocking your grandest future! Welcoming Communication Coach, Silvia Puentes, we discover simple solutions that allow our voice to open doors of possibility!
Silvia shares how every person on the planet has a purpose and something vital that the world not only wants to hear, but needs to!

Now more than ever there’s a desire for people to express themselves, have more presence and share their voice with the world. A common barrier to people stepping up and sharing their voice, are their fears of being judged by others, or simply the limits they place upon themselves.
According to Sylvia Puentes, international speaker and Right Voice for You facilitator, every one of us knows something and has something to share.

She claims, “the challenge is that people are too quick to accept what they are told, what they can or cannot do and how they should do it. Equally, we unfairly judge ourselves and our capabilities, and this limits our potential.” Sylvia maintains, “when we trust what we know and choose to express ourselves, it can quite literally change the trajectory of our life.”
With an escalating demand for her services worldwide, Sylvia offers simple solutions to finding your voice and discovering your potential.

Don't miss this empowering power-hour of enlightenment certain to inspire you to embrace and express your beautiful voice like never before!








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Embracing YOUr Voice!

Embracing YOUr Voice!

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