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Emerge - Dominate the Room You Are In!

Emerge - Dominate the Room You Are In!

Update: 2020-09-22


Here is a hard truth to handle for most entrepreneurs...

You are leaving money and opportunities on the table everyday! Ask yourself this question and give yourself an honest answer. Are you dominating the rooms you are in both in person and virtually?

Be honest!

This episode was a personal, and professional, chastising for me but I’ll let you in on the conversation. I received an email from PodBean about live-streaming and it peaking my interest. Since The #SpeakEasy Podcast started as a livestream on Facebook this would be perfect.

Then it happened...I went to the site and noticed that I had not claimed my podcast. Omg!! I signed up for the site years ago but I was not using everything it had to offer. (How many can relate on one level or another?) Once I claimed my show I saw an opportunity to market through PodBean.

Oh, if you connect with us on PodBean we’ll follow you back. Let’s grow together!

So how do we show up and dominate the room?

- Lead with service
- Have conversations within the community
- Ask questions
- Follow up and then follow up again
- Be consistent in your actions, service and engagement

When we create a strategy for how we show up online and offline it sets the standard. Social media has shrunk the seven degrees of separation to three within the span of a few years. That means that you can connect with almost anyone when you execute at the highest level.

Deliver your best and allow word of mouth to do the rest.

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Emerge - Dominate the Room You Are In!

Emerge - Dominate the Room You Are In!

Altovise Pelzer