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Emilia Benton: A Boston Marathon Journey

Emilia Benton: A Boston Marathon Journey

Update: 2024-04-12


In this episode, Emilia Benton focuses on how she discovered the approach to marathoning that earned her a Boston Marathon qualifying time, and then how it all went down at last year's Boston Marathon.

Benton is a well recognized journalist in the running world, with a particular focus on professional runners as well as runners and stories that have typically been underrepresented and overlooked by the media.

As a runner, a big focus of Benton’s has been marathons. She has run over a dozen of them, and for about a decade, her efforts focused on what many ambitious marathoners focus on: getting a Boston qualifying time, and then running the Boston Marathon. 

Over the course of her marathon journey, Benton has become astutely aware of her own needs as a runner, and that not all conventional marathoning wisdom met her needs. She's been through a lot of trial and error, and she's found what does work for her, and she's learned how to trust that knowledge.

Benton also found a coach who backed her approach. And that coach is Nell Rojas. Rojas is both a coach and she is also one of America's very best marathoners: among her many accolades, Rojas has twice been the top American finisher at the Boston Marathon. 

Working with Rojas, Benton raced a terrific 2022 Houston Marathon to earn her BQ, and run at Boston the next year.

Benton shares it all in this episode, and more!

What shines bright here is that what works for one person in marathoning may not work for another. Every runner needs to discover their own path, which is exactly what Benton did.

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Emilia Benton: A Boston Marathon Journey

Emilia Benton: A Boston Marathon Journey

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