Emperor Napoleon

Emperor Napoleon

Update: 2021-03-08


Sophie (age 7) & Ellie (age 5) tell how Napoleon came to power and how his armies were victorious all over Europe.----more----

Napoleon sails to Egypt. He wins a great battle in the shadow of the Pyramids. But Nelson destroys the French fleet, stranding the French in Egypt. Napoleon hears that the French government are losing battles at home. He abandons his army and sails for France. Back in France he takes control and makes himself ruler of France. Like Hannibal before him he crossed the Alps and then crushes the Austrians in battle. He gives France new laws called the Code Napoleon.

But the supporters of the old King still believe that if he were to die then the old King’s family could return. Napoleon decides to crown himself Emperor so they realise that they time of the Kings is over.

Europe is outraged. Three years of fighting ensues. Napoleon has spent several years with his army by the English Channel preparing to invade Britain. But Nelson destroys the French fleet. By this time Napoleon’s army is well trained. He marches it inland and surrounds the Austrian army. They surrender and he then chases after the Russian army. They meet at the Battle of Austerlitz. Napoleon gains a famous victory.

Now Napoleon turns his attention to the famed, disciplined Prussian Army. He crushes them too. He chases into Poland after their Russian allies. He fights them to a bloody draw at the Battle of Eylau. We tell the story of the battle and how Napoleon’s solders walk into a snowstorm before his cavalry save the day. Later in the Spring, Napoleon defeats the Russians again.

This time the Russians have had enough. Napoleon and the Tsar meet on a raft and agree peace. Napoleon now rules most of Europe.

But all is not well. Europe does now want to be ruled by Napoleon. Britain lies unconquered. Napoleon still has not got an heir. Napoleon is never satisfied with a victory. He always wants more.

Next week we will tell the final part of this series in which we learn about the fall of Napoleon.


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Next week we will be talking about the fall of Napoleon.









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Emperor Napoleon

Emperor Napoleon

Sophie (7) & Ellie (4) tell history for kids