DiscoverThe Rewind Movie PodcastEmpire Records (1995) - Episode 74
Empire Records (1995) - Episode 74

Empire Records (1995) - Episode 74

Update: 2021-11-12


Damn the Man! Save the Empire! It’s our own unofficial Rex Manning Day as we Rewind to the alt-rocking mid-nineties to visit the beautiful little tattooed gum-chewing freaks that man the registers of Empire Records.

Turtleneck-clad, koan-garbling night manager Lucas hatches a doomed plan to save his beloved independent record store from a corporate takeover by betting the day’s takings on a craps table. Failing, despite being guided by a force much stronger than luck, he’ll have to face the wrath of manager and surrogate cool uncle figure Joe, who is left to try to cover up Lucas’ mess and dodge store owner Mitch’s questions, while the rest of his staff (artsy AJ, preppy Corey, sassy Gina, sullen Deb, burnout Mark, muso Eddie and punk guitarist Berko) prepare for the arrival of a washed-up 80s pop star. Over the course of one crazy day, they’ll grapple with soapy conflicts and angsty tribulations. But can they come together in time to save their spiritual home?

Film-picker (and one-time record shop employee) Devlin picks a beloved teen favourite, while first time viewers Gali, Matt and Patrick come in fresh to see whether the film’s charms hold up to new viewers 25 years after its release, or if those Gen-X cinema goers who stayed away in their droves were correct in their cynicism.

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Empire Records (1995) - Episode 74

Empire Records (1995) - Episode 74