DiscoverFather HoodsEmpire feat. J. Prince (Rap-A-Lot Records)
Empire feat. J. Prince (Rap-A-Lot Records)

Empire feat. J. Prince (Rap-A-Lot Records)

Update: 2020-12-15


Our roles as fathers comes with all sorts of challenges. We work hard to strike a balance in being able to teach our children the values we believe will carry them furthest in life. It's a mix of responsibility, respect and let's face it... a little fear!

On this episode we had the pleasure of chopping it up with the esteemed founder of Rap-A-Lot records J. Prince. We explored his life thus far as a dad and how substantial his job as a father has been. We get into...

  • The valuable lessons J. Prince's son Jas has learned from signing Drake

  • How being laid off broke J. Prince's heart

  • The importance J. Prince places on teaching his children "how to fish"

  • Why J. Prince started his own Loyalty Wine Collection


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Empire feat. J. Prince (Rap-A-Lot Records)

Empire feat. J. Prince (Rap-A-Lot Records)

DJ EFN, KGB and Manny Digital