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Empower BDRs to Close Deals with Saad Khan

Empower BDRs to Close Deals with Saad Khan

Update: 2022-06-03


This episode of the Live Better Seller Better Podcast features Saad Khan, BDR Manager at Dooly. The role of BDRs can be empowered to close deals. However, making full-cycle reps doesn't take away from their role of prospecting, it just adds to it. Saad discusses BDR leadership and the strategies he employs to implement it. 

During their Initiation, they teach the concept of Give and Get which informs a way to get past resistance while also ensuring your time is spent wisely, and Mirroring which helps keep the conversation going. Saad shares how this allows them to have a leaner but much higher quality team who get paid more too.



  • Make BDRs full cycle to close deals
  • Training versus coaching
  • Dooly’s Initation teaches "Give and Get" and Mirroring
  • Training fewer reps with higher compensation



Saad: "Instead of BDR Appreciation Week, I'm giving my BDRs the opportunity to come start closing deals. I'm not promising them to become an AE in six months. I'm giving them the right tools and the right training and the opportunity to make things happen."

Saad: "Training could be just showing people how to use a tool, how to use Salesforce, how to use Dooly, what to do on a day-to-day. Coaching is you're on the trenches, you're on the field with them, you're working on plays every single day, you're executing plays. "

Saad: "People are always going to have objections. You can address an objection, get something else in return. Very basic example, somebody says at the end of a call, hey, just send me something. Okay, well, hold on. what can I send you that's not going to get deleted? How can I stay top of mind without being annoying? Get something in return."

Saad: "You know the buyer's conservation journey? People say the buyer's concerning journey is made of three phases: awareness, consideration, purchase. I disagree. I think there's one other phase which is the unaware phase."


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Empower BDRs to Close Deals with Saad Khan

Empower BDRs to Close Deals with Saad Khan

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