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Empowering Actors with Andrea Osvart

Empowering Actors with Andrea Osvart

Update: 2022-11-14


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Episode 11 is with international actress and now a coach for the business side of acting, Andrea Osvart.

Andrea has returned to her home country of Hungary where she continues her very successful acting career and is now imparting her acting business acumen onto other actors.

We discuss the pitfalls and benefits of being an international actor and the complete journey her career has taken from growing up in a communist society in a small community when you have a creative desire to working with some of Hollywood's best.

Being multilingual, but also having her first language as Hungarian, we discuss the need for 'local' accents (such as the General American) and whether actors should 'lose' their natural accents.

We have a nice discussion of late bloomer actors and how they can have more 'character' in their acting and bring a sense of life to their work through their life experiences.

And we delve into the business side of acting, mental health strategies and marketing strategies, to help you stay on top of the ups and downs of the acting journey.

Please check out Andrea's coaching website at: where you can subscribe to her newsletter and register for a no obligation first one on one coaching call as well as obtain a copy of her eBook 'Take The Lead'. 

Andrea is listed on IMDB at

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Empowering Actors with Andrea Osvart

Empowering Actors with Andrea Osvart

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