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Empowering Bytes: Prioritize Your Rise

Empowering Bytes: Prioritize Your Rise

Update: 2024-03-14


Welcome to our first Empowering Bytes episode for Season 6. Nkechi and Gaby do not disappoint with the inspiration. This episode is based on a beautiful verse by Jamie Varon.

"Something beautiful happens when you stop waiting to be chosen and instead choose yourself. When you love yourself first. When you can be alone with the shape of yourself. When you stop running away from your truth. The right people start to show up. The right opportunities suddenly align. All the hustling you were doing, trying to make yourself more worthy, stops feeling right, and instead you get into the flow of life. And everything you thought you'd have to earn and strive for seems to come a lot more easily. When you choose you, everything and everyone has to rise to that level. And all the good things you thought you'd have to force arrive in perfect timing. Yes, you need to show up. Yes, you need to work. But, it'll be with the right people, the right opportunities, and the kind of life that lights you up from the inside. Because you are lit up from the inside."

Join Nkechi and Gaby on a journey as they dismantle this verse and share how it resonates for them.

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Empowering Bytes: Prioritize Your Rise

Empowering Bytes: Prioritize Your Rise

Nkechi Nwafor-Robinson