DiscoverMarketing Like a MotherEmpowering Moms Without a Mom to Grow and Thrive
Empowering Moms Without a Mom to Grow and Thrive

Empowering Moms Without a Mom to Grow and Thrive

Update: 2023-06-25


Motherhood is a transformative journey, filled with moments of joy, challenges, and self-discovery. While many women are fortunate to have the love and guidance of their own mothers, some embark on this path without that invaluable support system. In the latest episode of Marketing Like a Mother, Olivia engages in a captivating conversation with Melissa Reilly, a psychologist, author, speaker, and coach dedicated to empowering mothers who lack the presence of a nurturing mother figure in their lives.

Melissa's passion lies in helping these women transcend feelings of insecurity, isolation, and overwhelm, and guiding them toward a place of confidence and fulfillment as they navigate their roles as mothers. Drawing from her extensive experience as a psychologist and her personal journey as a mother without her own mother, Melissa sheds light on the unique challenges faced by motherless daughters and the transformative power of healing.

In the episode, Olivia and Melissa discuss:
The 4 types of people we need in our lives
The importance of having a supportive community
Finding your niche and place in business
Exploring different coaching avenues
And more!

00:03 Conversation between Olivia Radcliffe and Melissa Riley on Mama Marketing Strategies for Mompreneurs
05:38 Exploring the Unique Challenges of Being a Mom Without a Mom
07:46 Conversation on Becoming a Mom and Finding Support
09:57 Conversation on the Four Types of People We Need in Our Lives
12:12 Discussion on the Importance of Having a Supportive Community in Entrepreneurship
16:36 Exploring Different Coaching Avenues
18:49 Conversation Summary: Starting a Business and Learning About Marketing
21:12 Exploring the Journey of Starting a Wellness Coaching Practice
26:12 Conversation on Finding a Niche as a Wellness Coach








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Empowering Moms Without a Mom to Grow and Thrive

Empowering Moms Without a Mom to Grow and Thrive

Michelle Pontvert & Olivia Radcliffe