DiscoverMind Love ♡ Modern MindfulnessEnergy Healing with Reiki • X26 PREVIEW
Energy Healing with Reiki • X26 PREVIEW

Energy Healing with Reiki • X26 PREVIEW

Update: 2020-12-1113


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We will learn:

  • How to bring more awareness to the energies within our bodies

  • How to set an intention to hold space for someone else’s energy instead of being affected by 

  • Some reiki techniques we can do on ourselves

Today we’re talking about an energy healing technique called Reiki. It’s said to work on the whole body, mind and spirit.

The way it works is a reiki practitioner “lays hands” as they call it, which really means they hover their hands about an inch above different parts of your body for a given period of time. And in doing this they help to move energy through your body, or even act as a channel and transfer energy from themselves to you.

In most spiritual beliefs, our energy is responsible for a lot in our lives, so this type of energy healing can alleviate pain, reduce symptoms of almost any disease, promote relaxation, decrease stress and anxiety. There’s a growing number of cancer patients that swear by it. Even hospitals like Johns Hopkins have started incorporating it and patients have reported faster recovery times.

So today we’ll be discussing is how to take the things we learn from reiki and apply it to our lives.

Our guest is Nathalie Jaspar is a Reiki master with over a decade of experience. She's a graduate teacher from the International House of Reiki. She also trained in Zen meditation and Buddhism and she’s the author of Reiki as a Spiritual Practice: an Illustrated Guide and the Reiki Healing Handbook.

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Energy Healing with Reiki • X26 PREVIEW

Energy Healing with Reiki • X26 PREVIEW

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