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Enjoying Personal Freedom Through Physical Health

Enjoying Personal Freedom Through Physical Health

Update: 2020-10-14


In this episode of the Emerge Thriving podcast, Amy is joined by guest Colin Laughlin, Fitness Specialist, Creator of the QualityLife Fitness Podcast and Founder of QualityLife Fitness.

Colin is focused on helping people living with chronic health conditions live higher quality lives. He has worked in small personal training studios, CrossFit gyms, big commercial gyms, and now runs his own online personal training company to help YOU live the highest quality life possible.

Topics of conversation include: why aesthetics make for poor fitness goals, the priceless return on investment that strength training provides, how good health builds life confidence and physical freedom, the benefits of being strong and healthy in the later years of life, the relationship between physical health and overall well-being, the importance of feeling safe and comfortable with a personal trainer that you share a connection with, why hydration and nutrition are a good starting point on your physical wellness journey, and other topics.

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Enjoying Personal Freedom Through Physical Health

Enjoying Personal Freedom Through Physical Health

Amy DeLand