DiscoverA New DirectionEntrepreneurs and Starting a Business – Bob Schlegel
Entrepreneurs and Starting a Business – Bob Schlegel

Entrepreneurs and Starting a Business – Bob Schlegel

Update: 2022-07-13


Nearly all of us have either tried or dreamed about starting our own business and become entrepreneurs.  Why don't more people become entrepreneurs?  The number one reason is, that it is filled with so much risk, that people cannot take it.  The other reason is because it is a constant rollercoaster sometimes from day to day.  Those that are successful entrepreneurs are far fewer than those who have failed.  By multi-entrepreneur and philanthropist Bob Schlegel is one of those entrepreneurs who knows the game so well has failed, faced bankruptcy, depression and more only to come out on top and keep going.  And he joins us this week on A New Direction.

Bob Schlegel's book entitled "Angels and Entrepreneurs: A Lifestyle Formula for Starting Your Own Business and Riding the Rollercoaster of Entrepreneurship is a Wall Street Journal Best Seller.  It is a close look at Bob Schlegel's journey into his failures and successes as an entrepreneur and what it takes to start a business.  In this episode Bob talks about the core of an entrepreneurs lifestyle with PEP (Persistence, Education, Entrepreneurship, Passion) we then move on to discuss other lessons and G.O.I. If your curious what that is, then listen in to the show...that's the teaser.

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Entrepreneurs and Starting a Business – Bob Schlegel

Entrepreneurs and Starting a Business – Bob Schlegel

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