Discover500 WordsEp 02 - On a Call with Karen Kinney
Ep 02 - On a Call with Karen Kinney

Ep 02 - On a Call with Karen Kinney

Update: 2019-03-31


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This is Episode 02 of On a Call With, a mini-podcast about creativity available exclusively for subscribers to this email. But wait — because I’m feeling good today I’m making this episode available to everyone which, by the power vested in me, I can do from time to time.

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On a Call With Mixed Media Artist Karen Kinney

Karen Kinney is a mixed media artist whose work has been in numerous solo, group, and juried exhibitions, both nationally and internationally. In addition to her installation and mixed media work, she is also an advocate of public art and beautifies communities through mural painting. Learn more about her at and you can follow @karen_e_kinney on Twitter and Instagram

I interviewed Karen over the phone from Mexico where she has been living and working. To satisfy my audio geek soul, I added some touch tone effects at the beginning to remind you that this is indeed a phone call, not a podcast done in a studio like most of my other productions. As I assembled the interview, I noticed that cell phone calls just end, with no hang up sound whatsoever. So that’s how this podcast ends. When the Analog Revolution starts and people crowd the streets demanding relief from the digital age, their list of demands might include bringing back touch tones and the sound of a phone disconnecting at the end of a call. Maybe.

“Amazing how many innovative ideas get trapped right in our own heads before they ever have the chance to see the light of day.”

In the call, Karen and I speak about the challenges and accomplishments of painting freehand on a wall and the secret to creative freedom. (Hint: Give yourself permission.) Her quote (above) about innovative ideas really rang true for me.

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About On a Call With…

This podcast is literally a phone call. It’s more notebook than book, more jam than song, more of a sketchbook than a painting. I offer it to you to help get inside how people live their creative lives and hear their story in their own words. Since it’s a phone call it’s easy to do, both for me and for the guest.

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Ep 02 - On a Call with Karen Kinney

Ep 02 - On a Call with Karen Kinney

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