DiscoverDear WitchypooEp 2 - Hail Hekate with Cyndi Brannen
Ep 2 - Hail Hekate with Cyndi Brannen

Ep 2 - Hail Hekate with Cyndi Brannen

Update: 2021-01-19


Cyndi Brannen, Hekate scholar and author of Keeping Her Keys: An Introduction to Hekate’s Modern Witchcraft and Entering Hekate’s Garden: The Magick, Medicine and Mystery of Plant Spirit Witchcraft, joins Angela for a deep dive into the divine dark mother. Explorations ensue ranging in everything from worthiness to working with the OG goddess herself. (This episode goes extra long as the result of any Sagittarius and Gemini duo sharing passions over the same topic.) 

Cyndi Brannen, PhD,  is a psychologist, author, and teacher. She teaches and writes from the crossroads of psychology, spirituality, and traditional wisdom, merging ancient knowledge with modern practices. Her work explores the journey through darkness to wholeness using the archetypes of the witch and Hekate. Her teaching focuses on personal healing through herbalism, rituals, meditations, and exploration of the deeper self. Learn more about Cyndi at:

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Ep 2 - Hail Hekate with Cyndi Brannen

Ep 2 - Hail Hekate with Cyndi Brannen

Angela Lovell