DiscoverCourt JunkieEp 203: The Horse Trainer
Ep 203: The Horse Trainer

Ep 203: The Horse Trainer

Update: 2022-06-2010


In 2019, the world of Dressage horse training was shocked when renowned horse trainer Michael Barisone was caught in the center of a near-fatal shooting. 

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Comments (2)

Amanda Williams

Next time instead of terrorizing people Lauren, how about giving civil court a try. Contract not fulfilled? Hundreds of unhinged Facebook arent necessary. Just sue them.

Jun 22nd

Hope M. 🌒🌕🌘

I'm so thankful the jury found him not guilty. This one had me on pins and needles. Laura sounds like a spoiled, stuck up bish. She sounds like the bully. How dare someone stay somewhere they are not welcome. And all that crap she posted on Facebook, is harassment at the least. I would have shot her myself if I were him. I would have definitely feared for my life. She sounds like a straight lunatic.

Jun 21st








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Ep 203: The Horse Trainer

Ep 203: The Horse Trainer

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