DiscoverCourt JunkieEp 208: The Todt Family Murders (Part 2)
Ep 208: The Todt Family Murders (Part 2)

Ep 208: The Todt Family Murders (Part 2)

Update: 2022-08-224


In January 2020, police officers responded to a home in Celebration, Florida. What they found was horrifying. 

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Comments (3)

Cristina Corales

There is an advert here for a new podcast called CIVIL. But there aren’t any episodes yet, only an intro dated 11 july. When will the first episode be posted please?

Aug 31st

Hope M. 🌒🌕🌘

He said he saw everyone die... If I was on the jury, that's all it would have took. Dude slipped up.

Aug 23rd


There is no such thing as selective memory, for one thing - first he said he doesn't remember anything, then he describes how he arrived at home and finds the remnants of Benadryl pie. Which one was it, then? Somehow I doubt that Megan wouldn't have sent a final goodbye to her family if she planned to leave this Earth behind. More like she was about to take the kids and leave this sorry-ass excuse of a husband and he prevented it.

Aug 23rd








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Ep 208: The Todt Family Murders (Part 2)

Ep 208: The Todt Family Murders (Part 2)

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