DiscoverCourt JunkieEp 210: The Death of Daunte Wright
Ep 210: The Death of Daunte Wright

Ep 210: The Death of Daunte Wright

Update: 2022-09-124


On April 11, 2021, 20-year-old Daunte Wright was shot and killed after being pulled over by police in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. Former officer Kim Potter went on trial the following year, telling the jury she confused her taser with her handgun.

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I think this is a really good episode, about a tragedy that should never have happened. I disagree with Scot- everything he had or had not done is irrelevant at that point. Police officers do not have the right to shoot someone because of past crimes, they are not judge jury and executioner. She had a deadly weapon and had the responsibility to use it safely. She did not and a 20 year old died. Getting back into a car does not warrant being murdered.

Sep 18th
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a 20 yr old "innocent". with a warrant for a weapons violation. with a restraining order to stay away from a female that we are not sure isn't in the car. resisting arrest. trying to flee in an automobile with a police officer half in half out of car and an unidentified woman in car. according to girlfreinds giggling testimony the had been getting high since they woke up that morning. kim Potter would have been within legal parameters for shooting wright because of the life threatening risk he posed with the automobile against everyone in and around that car. That she made a mistake did not make it with malice. wright did everything for his kid as a dad? Where was baby while wright was getting high and driving around that morning? how about straightening out outstanding weapons violations? how about not resisting arrest, which is a crime? sweet innocent duante robbed, kidnapped and assaulted a woman at gunpoint for rent money that duante wright's victim had to pay her landlord. I guess baby needs a new pair of shoes? the other man involved in the crimes of Wright as well as his victim told the story. we imprisoned a person for making a tragic mistake. potter's mistake was a split second accident. wright's mistakes were actually a series of crimes and decisions that led to his death. wright sped off before aid could be rendered. girlfriend in car was injured because she chose to lay with a thug. just saying your bias shows as much as mine. why would you leave half the story out? Floyd's heart stopped because he did too much fentanyl. maybe it stopped way earlier when Floyd held a gun to a pregnant woman's belly during the course of one of his robberies. You did not give the full story. How are you helping anyone by omitting facts of Wright's behavior that did in fact , rightly or wrongly, lead to his own death? How about the selfie video that Wright took inside the bathroom of the woman he attacked, with the handgun in his hand that he used moments later in the robbery?  You left out a lot. why don't you find some true cause to defend?

Sep 13th
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Ep 210: The Death of Daunte Wright

Ep 210: The Death of Daunte Wright

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