DiscoverEntrebrewerEp #24: Keep Growing w/Kevin Faulkner
Ep #24: Keep Growing w/Kevin Faulkner

Ep #24: Keep Growing w/Kevin Faulkner

Update: 2022-08-11


In today’s episode, I’m joined by Kevin Faulkner. He and I have been connected for well over a year, through Apex. This guy has one of the biggest hearts, and is constantly looking for ways to provide value for his network. Kevin is the Owner of 3B Credit Health, and Kevin Faulkner Coaching. His story and growth, is inspiring, and I’m lucky to call him a friend and be in his network. You will learn so much in today’s episode, and be sure to follow him as well. 

Kevin Faulkner lives in Waco, TX with my beautiful wife Kelly. Kelly and I enjoy the normal things. We’ve got a good sized family that includes eight grandchildren. We like to kayak , hike, walk our dog Cash, make connections in the community, and hang out with friends.

I own a business called 3B Credit Health that I built from scratch with a $50 printer and my iPhone. I also coach and train businesses to show them how to grow their own business using social media organically. The exact way I’ve grown my own.

I offer a free Facebook group called Keep Growing w/ Kevin Faulkner.

We work very hard to bring interesting guest on a weekly basis into this group who do trainings and share in detail how they have achieved life long goals.

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Ep #24: Keep Growing w/Kevin Faulkner

Ep #24: Keep Growing w/Kevin Faulkner

Adam McChesney