DiscoverEntrebrewerEp #26: The Do Zone w/Josh Thomas
Ep #26: The Do Zone w/Josh Thomas

Ep #26: The Do Zone w/Josh Thomas

Update: 2022-08-25


Today we have another great episode lined up for you. This guest and I first connected well over a year ago, at an Apex event. I will never forget it, because he was a newer member and reached out to the group, to schedule a meetup the night before. Not only did he schedule the whole thing being one of the newest members, but he ended up picking up the check. This guy is genuinely one of the nicest, and down to earth people I have ever met. 

Josh Thomas (Austin, Texas) is a serial entrepreneur and sales consultant who works with service-based small businesses to help them double their revenues in months, not years. A seasoned veteran with 15+ years of experience, his methods are directly responsible for more than $100 million in sales and revenue among the 2500+ entrepreneurs across 30 industries with whom he has worked. 

A former teacher with a passion for creating clarity on complex ideas, Josh is the host of a popular podcast on productivity for entrepreneurs called, “The Do Zone” which aims to annihilate procrastination and complacency through common sense guidance from some of the best minds in the world. 

He has also created a personality profile assessment called “The Do Zone DNA” which helps entrepreneurs understand how they tick, so they can build the world around them for peak performance and productivity.


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Ep #26: The Do Zone w/Josh Thomas

Ep #26: The Do Zone w/Josh Thomas

Adam McChesney