DiscoverEntrebrewerEp #30: Igniting Brands From Incognito To Iconic
Ep #30: Igniting Brands From Incognito To Iconic

Ep #30: Igniting Brands From Incognito To Iconic

Update: 2022-09-22


Today we have another great episode lined up for you. I had originally heard about this guest from my friend Brad Akers, and then shortly after she joined Apex. From there, we actually shared the stage at a Master Hackers event back in March. When I heard her speak, I knew that she would be an incredible guest for my audience, and you are absolutely going to get value from this episode. Back in June I was able to spend some time with her and her husband at MDM, and her energy about business and life in general, just lights up the room. 

My guest today is Bijal Patel. She is the Founder & CEO at Launch. Launch is a branding agency that helps established businesses grow and scale their branding & graphic design with an exclusive branding stranding, vision, and coaching DFY framework. She currently lives in Houston, TX with her family. 

Bijal Patel, the passionate, positive and relentless Founder & CEO of LAUNCH, a world-class business and brand strategy coaching company, has a strong track record for coaching entrepreneurs to their fullest potential. She has helped scale hundreds of businesses with her unique Coaching style combined with brilliant methods.      

Honored as a “Houston Power Woman”, Bijal received a coveted distinction for being an industry leader and game-changer, with 15 years of Business, Strategy, and Design experience.   She has won innumerable awards, while helping an incredible range of clientele and industries, including Fortune 500 companies and her absolute fav -- established online business owners.   Bijal speaks around the world to established online business owners to help them create their own passionate and ultra successful business. Her notable presence and ability to transform people to believe differently so they can achieve their big dreams sets her apart from the rest.

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Ep #30: Igniting Brands From Incognito To Iconic

Ep #30: Igniting Brands From Incognito To Iconic

Adam McChesney