DiscoverThe Globetrotter Lounge PodcastEp 35 | Sojourner White: Content Creator & Traveling Scholar
Ep 35 | Sojourner White: Content Creator & Traveling Scholar

Ep 35 | Sojourner White: Content Creator & Traveling Scholar

Update: 2019-09-12


Meet Sojourner White – world traveler, content creator and international social work graduate student. Her blog, Sojournies, offers resources and tips on on balancing travel with work and/or school, and explores personal topics like traveling while Black. Sojourner shares about the international experience that sparked her passion for travel, how she landed a Fulbright Scholar Assistantship and worked abroad, and her unusual graduate degree track. She also shares why travel has helped her identify more deeply with her name.

What You’ll Learn

  • What sparked her love of travel
  • How she was able to study in Spain during college
  • What her first international experience was like
  • Where her travels have taken her over the last four years
  • How she became a Fulbright scholar
  • What it was like to teach English abroad
  • What International Social Work is
  • The importance of cultural humility and community-based approaches
  • Why she started her blog Sojournies
  • What the response to her travel writing has been
  • Her experiences traveling as a Black woman
  • What her greatest travel experience has been
  • How travel has changed her life
  • What her next adventures will be
  • Her tips for getting started with travel

About Sojourner White

Sojourner is an academic and experience enthusiast whose adventures abroad led her to become an International Social Worker. Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, her travel journey started in the U.S. with family vacations, however studying Spanish opened her eyes to the world of international travel. Two stints in Spain later, including one as a Fulbright Fellow, Sojourner has traveled from Mexico to Morocco and many European countries in between. Sojourner is living up to her name all while pursuing her Master’s degree and blogging her way through the world, growing both inside and outside the classroom as a student of life. With her blog “Sojournies,” she is offering tips and resources to other students, professionals, or anyone interested in making travel part of their lives too.

Say hi to Sojourner on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, and visit her blog at

Resources Mentioned

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Ep 35 | Sojourner White: Content Creator & Traveling Scholar

Ep 35 | Sojourner White: Content Creator & Traveling Scholar

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