DiscoverThe Perfectionism ProjectEp 399: The Perfectionism Quiz: Your Results Explained
Ep 399: The Perfectionism Quiz: Your Results Explained

Ep 399: The Perfectionism Quiz: Your Results Explained

Update: 2023-06-04


No matter how dialled-in your marketing strategy is, even if everything else is seemingly perfect in your business, if you neglect addressing perfectionism, you're unknowingly sabotaging your own progress. 

Addressing your perfectionism is the missing piece that's been holding you back for years…

In this podcast episode I chat through your results from The Perfectionism Quiz and put into words things that you might not have been able to articulate before. If you haven’t taken The Perfectionism Quiz yet, do it now.

Your results from the Perfectionism Quiz provide valuable insights into how perfectionism has been influencing your business journey. They shed light on the ways in which perfectionism may have been holding you back and impacting your productivity.

By understanding your results, you'll gain a clearer understanding of how addressing your perfectionism handbrake will positively impact your ability to build your business to its fullest potential.

There are countless strategies to boost productivity, but without addressing the underlying perfectionism, your businesses progress and success will remain limited. 

The Perfectionism Quiz will give you the sense of relief to know exactly what is going on so that you can release your perfectionism handbrake, get into a growth mindset and do the strategic planning in a way that works for your perfectionist mindset so that you can build your business.

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In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The profound impact of overthinking, procrastination, burnout, all-or-nothing thinking and fear of judgement on your journey of building a thriving business to 100k and beyond.

  • How to interpret your results from the Perfectionism Quiz - you’ll gain valuable insights into how perfectionism has been silently influencing and shaping your business journey.

  • Uncover the secret to producing high-quality work without getting trapped in endless cycles of overthinking.

  • Unveiling the subtle ways perfectionists engage in procrastination. (Hint: typically perfectionists don’t blatantly procrastinate)

  • Understanding the signs and symptoms of burnout specifically experienced by perfectionist entrepreneurs.

  • Gain a deep understanding of how all-or-nothing thinking manifests in your business.

  • The ways fear of judgement holds you back.


Featured In The Episode:


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Ep 399: The Perfectionism Quiz: Your Results Explained

Ep 399: The Perfectionism Quiz: Your Results Explained

Sam Laura Brown