DiscoverRecruiting Future with Matt AlderEp 434: Personalization (Part One)
Ep 434: Personalization (Part One)

Ep 434: Personalization (Part One)

Update: 2022-05-13


Those of you who have read my book Digital Talent (available wherever you get your books!) will know that I feel very strongly that personalization is the new megatrend in talent acquisition.

Offering personalized recruitment marketing, candidate journies, assessments, feedback, onboarding, and communication will be critical objectives for employers over the next few years. Candidates are demanding it, the technology is here to facilitate it, and the amount of friction that will get removed from recruiting processes will be a win for candidates, recruiters and hiring managers.

Two weeks ago, the awesome team at Paradox invited me to speak and record some interviews at their client board event in Scottsdale, Arizona. Paradox is a technology that is really driving the progress of personalization. It was really insightful to talk to some of their clients about the need for personalization in their TA processes and the change journies they are taking their recruiters and hiring managers on to make personalization happen.

I'll be sharing these interviews over two episodes of the show. Later in this episode, you'll get to hear from Adam Chen, Chief Marketing & Experience Officer at The Amenity Collective, Rachel O'Connell, VP of HR at Great Wolf Lodge and the return to the show of Victor Gaines SVP of Talent Acquisition at Aveanna Healthcare.

But first of all, I sat down with the amazing Madeline Laurano, Founder of Aptitude Research, to get her views on the drive towards greater personalization.

These are some of the topics you'll find discussed in this episode:

  • How technology is driving personalization

  • Creating experiences through conversation

  • High volume recruiting challenges

  • Significantly reducing time to hire

  • Change management

  • Building a consumer grand candidate experience

  • Using personas to differentiate the employee value proposition

  • The role of technology in personalization

  • Implementing technology

  • The future of talent acquisition

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Ep 434: Personalization (Part One)

Ep 434: Personalization (Part One)

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