DiscoverBad Boy RunningEp 523 | TBS - Should We Give Exposure To Young Athletes?
Ep 523 | TBS - Should We Give Exposure To Young Athletes?

Ep 523 | TBS - Should We Give Exposure To Young Athletes?

Update: 2023-12-22


Navigating the complexities of life as a new parent while juggling work and passions can feel like a Herculean task. This week, I'm David Heller, and together with Jody, we hash out the trials of fatherhood, the impact of sleepless nights, and the struggle to find time for ourselves. The conversation veers into the realm of sports, where we heatedly debate the effects of media glare on budding athletes. Imagine the pressure felt by young stars thrust into the spotlight and the scrutiny that follows. We also share a warm moment as we celebrate a new addition to Jody's family, and we're left scratching our heads at the historical oversight of Roger Bannister's monumental achievement.

Sports journalism carries great responsibility, and in our latest discussion, we delve into the portrayal of young athletes in an era dominated by social media. Do interviews with teenage champions serve to inspire or simply amplify pressure? We explore Jason Henderson's perspectives, dissecting the intricate dance of exposure versus privacy. This episode isn't just about shedding light on the tension between showcasing prodigious talents and protecting their adolescence; it's a dialogue on the ethics of tagging them in posts and the importance of obtaining consent before sharing their stories and images.

We wrap things up with some lighter fare, poking fun at the fashion gaffes of new runners and their over-equipped hydration strategies for short jaunts. But between the chuckles, we don't forget the serious issues: the stringent rules surrounding filming at events and the delicacy needed when dealing with the privacy of young athletes. Whether you're a seasoned sportsperson or someone who's just laced up their first pair of trainers, this conversation promises a blend of humor, insight, and reflection on the sport we so deeply adore. Join us for this candid journey through parenting, sports, and the occasional running fashion faux pas.

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Ep 523 | TBS - Should We Give Exposure To Young Athletes?

Ep 523 | TBS - Should We Give Exposure To Young Athletes?