DiscoverTalking To Teens: Expert Tips for Parenting TeenagersEp 54: Making Room for More with Minimalism
Ep 54: Making Room for More with Minimalism

Ep 54: Making Room for More with Minimalism

Update: 2019-10-13


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Do you ever look back on a week and feel like you’re spending 90% of your family time doing stuff you don’t really love? Isn’t parenting supposed to be rewarding and inspiring at least 50% of the time? Why does it so often seem exhausting and overwhelming?

Christine Koh knows all about this feeling. This lady does a lot every day. She runs five businesses, hosts a podcast, works as a freelance writer, and speaks around the country! On top of that, she is raising a family and trying to be a good wife and member of her community. 

A minimalist mindset has helped her keep everything in balance and she breaks down exactly how she does it all in her practical and humorous book Minimalist Parenting. As she explained to me this week on the podcast, minimalism isn’t just about having less stuff or living without toilet paper, it’s a mentality that will allow you to make more room for the things you actually want to be doing in your family life and your professional life. 

She shared some really insightful hacks with me during our interview, including:

  • how to use the simple but effective “More and Less List”

  • Christine’s philosophy about teens getting jobs

  • tips for cleaning out your teen’s (and your own) “stuff”

  • ways to mitigate an over-abundance of stuff in the first place

  • a lesson on traveling with your teen

Set your family up to thrive by making more room in your lives for the things that are truly important to you, both in your home and on your calendar. By engaging in the minimalist practices Christine explains on this episode, you and your teenagers will be forced to re-examine your deepest values and decide what you truly want to stand for.








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Ep 54: Making Room for More with Minimalism

Ep 54: Making Room for More with Minimalism