DiscoverFood Business SuccessEp 54 How to Get More Done
Ep 54 How to Get More Done

Ep 54 How to Get More Done

Update: 2021-09-07


If you feel a tightness in your chest when you think about your to do list and like there are never enough hours in the day and you are always in reacting mode, then today's podcast is for YOU!

That was my life before I found coaching and implemented a productivity process that has changed everything. 

I actually work less now than I ever have since starting my business six years ago and I achieve bigger results.

First, I had to change my thoughts about how I felt about time. It wasn't the enemy, my thoughts were.

And then I created a weekly routine that has released the anxiety and because I trust myself to actually do what I plan to do and don't procrastinate, I have so much more time for FUN and connection.

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Ep 54 How to Get More Done

Ep 54 How to Get More Done

Sari Kimbell