DiscoverNeoScumEp 59: Step Up // Fyre's Dungeon
Ep 59: Step Up // Fyre's Dungeon

Ep 59: Step Up // Fyre's Dungeon

Update: 2019-11-091


The next step in the escape from Fyre Tower is reaching Xanadu and The Ronin Kumjumper steps up (and strips down) to make it happen. Later, Tech and Pox make a very unexpected call.

NeoScum is Blair Britt, Mike Migdall, Gannon Reedy, Eleni Sauvageau, and Casey Toney. Yeah, daddy. You can find NeoScum on Twitter, on Reddit, and at

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This episode of NeoScum features the following music from HoZac Records:

  • Madam Lash - Baby Grande (starts 3:25 )
  • Take Me In To Your Trance - Chicos de Nazca (starts 17:05 )
  • Male Secretary - People's Temple (starts 25:50 )
  • Never Been To The Beach - The Sueves (starts 39:15 )
  • Lost Souls - NUN (starts 50:00 )
  • Salvation - The Limiñanas (starts 1:01:30 )
  • Before It Rains - The Terminals (starts 1:11:25 )
  • I'm Dead (Instrumental) - The Limiñanas (ending plug)

Music may have been edited or modified for use. Learn more about HoZac and the artists they support at









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Ep 59: Step Up // Fyre's Dungeon

Ep 59: Step Up // Fyre's Dungeon