DiscoverRunning Wild with ChristineEp 78: Processing Rage, with Ji-Youn Kim
Ep 78: Processing Rage, with Ji-Youn Kim

Ep 78: Processing Rage, with Ji-Youn Kim

Update: 2019-12-06


Rage.         How does it feel? Where do you feel it?

Welcome to this week's awe inspiring episode with Ji-Youn (pronounce Jiyanne) Kim. I had the pleasure of welcoming her over to the couch to talk about social injustice and feelings. We do our usual walk about her Korean roots and Vancouverite childhood. We zero in on her university days. Fun fact: if you google "UBC drop out" one of the first photos you'll find is of Ji-Youn! It's in those days that she started advocating for mental health after she went viral for dropping out following a suicide attempt. Check out the Tipping Point if you want to know more about an advocacy movement that aims to push post-secondary institutions to better support student mental health.

We wander around her steps from drop out to counsellor, to arrive at her work on Processing Rage. Follow us down this rabbit hole to hear more about the tools we might have or need to work through some of this world's most burdensome emotions.  

Topics: white supremacy, survivors guilt, social justice, assimilation, healing, the whiteness of the wellness industry, somatica, shame, anti-oppression, intersectional feminism, anger vs. violence, screaming, the socialization of expressing/suppressing emotions, non-closure, valuing the questions when there are no answers, attachment theory, de-colonizing socialization, labeling, self-responsibility, control issues and SO MUCH MORE. 

References: Cicely Belle Blain @cicelyblainconsulting, Lutze Segu @thefeministgriote (ep28), and you'll have to listen for the others! 

For more, go to @itsjiyounkim on IG or for her coaching and counselling services. 

Thanks so much for listening my loves. I wish you some grounding moments of peace. All yours, 

C. xo 


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Ep 78: Processing Rage, with Ji-Youn Kim

Ep 78: Processing Rage, with Ji-Youn Kim

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