DiscoverNot Just DhansakEp. 01: What is Parsi Food, really?
Ep. 01: What is Parsi Food, really?

Ep. 01: What is Parsi Food, really?

Update: 2019-04-30


On the first episode of our Parsi food show, Not Just Dhansak, our host Perzen Patel, popularly known as the Bawi Bride, is in conversation with archaeologist and food historian, Kurush Dalal.

When he is not digging and teaching, Kurush runs a boutique catering company, Katy’s Kitchen. They reminisce about their childhood food memories and discuss the food that graces Parsi kitchens (hint: not Dhansak). Kurush talks about his mother Katy Dalal and how Parsi food has adapted to local culture over centuries. Together they trace the evolution of Parsi food that was distributed from gymkhanas earlier to its widespread distribution from new start-ups today.

What is Parsi food really? Did the Parsis eat Dhansak in Persia too? To know the answers, tune into the first episode of our new podcast.

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Pradyuman Zala

Hey Perzen, It was journey back to childhood for me. I grew up in typical 'gaam' of south Gujarat. It was joy to listen to sugary bawa Gujarati!!! Nice show.

May 1st








Ep. 01: What is Parsi Food, really?

Ep. 01: What is Parsi Food, really?

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