DiscoverThe Ben Shapiro ShowEp. 1008 - Obama Returns To Center Stage
Ep. 1008 - Obama Returns To Center Stage

Ep. 1008 - Obama Returns To Center Stage

Update: 2020-05-1126


Barack Obama returns to slam Trump’s coronavirus response and the release of Michael Flynn; states debate when to reopen; and the media attempt to create conflict over the tragic killing of Ahmaud Arbery.

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STRONGLY disagree with Ben on the shooting. Under GA law the man WAS trespassing and was caught on video at night TWICE before walking throughout the home and looking like he was casing the joint. Weird how Ben praises his friend's brother using a GUN to stop 3 robbers. Isn't that "vigilantism"?!? Instead of calling the cops, the brother took the law into his own hands. The FACT is, under GA law, the two white men had EVERY LEGAL RIGHT to arm themselves and stop the trespasser. THAT is why the DA didn't prosecute because they saw the extra videos. The story is another black man broke the law, got caught and didn't like being held and fought back and died from attacking a LEGAL GUN HOLDER. Its "don't make the black kids angry" all over again. Blacks aren't beholden to the law and just blame whitey and racism every time they're caught.

May 13th
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Patti Margarita

what about the illness that is effecting kids only from this? maybe you should look at all "studies"

May 13th
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Brian Griffin

Today: "My friend Dan Bongino" Two years ago: "There are a lot of conspiracy theorist about this..... I dont want to name any names...." haha. ol' Ben "I've been saying this for years" Shapiro.

May 12th








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Ep. 1008 - Obama Returns To Center Stage

Ep. 1008 - Obama Returns To Center Stage

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