DiscoverThe Ben Shapiro ShowEp. 1130 - So, Who Won?
Ep. 1130 - So, Who Won?

Ep. 1130 - So, Who Won?

Update: 2020-11-0418


Republicans hold the Senate and pick up seats in the House; the election carries on into Wednesday; and we analyze what everyone got wrong.

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C'mon Ben, grow up... you say 'The Left' and 'Woke Culture' hate everyone who voted for Trump as if that, were it to be true, indicates a fundamental character flaw on their part. Worse, you say it as if those on 'The Right' don't express hatred and contempt for their opponents at every turn, often to the point of accusing them of being Satanists who rape and murder and then cannibalize children, after they extract 'andrenochrome'(a completely fictional substance) from them, which they use intravenously to extend their lifespans! I've never heard you make reference to that, but your constant condemnation of Liberals as being irrational, uninformed, hateful, and the source of the eventual ruination of American culture as we know it if they are ever given the power to do so isn't all that far from it. The moral and ethical highground you claim exclusively for the Conservatives is every bit as ridiculous as the most extreme claims of the Q-anon crowd. I see the flaws of both sides, and your team is guilty of many things, including but not limited to: hypocrisy, deceit, betrayal of trust, loyalty to corporations and the ultra-rich to the detriment of the middle class and the poor, and partisanship to such an extreme that it explicitly violates the oath of office. Your opinion of your party and Conservatism as a whole is fundamentally flawed, and unless you are willing and able to take off the blinders and recognize the flaws of your side, you can't rightfully claim to be a journalist. Until you muster the courage to take a long look at yourself and your loyalty to values and ethics that your side does not possess or conduct themselves by, you are and will continue to be exactly what you claim Cenk Uygur is: an opinion-pedaller. I doubt you'll see this, but if I'm wrong and you do, I sincerely hope it helps. Peace.

Nov 4th
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Ep. 1130 - So, Who Won?

Ep. 1130 - So, Who Won?

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