DiscoverThe Pragati PodcastEp. 119: Refugees in the 21st Century
Ep. 119: Refugees in the 21st Century

Ep. 119: Refugees in the 21st Century

Update: 2019-11-201


About 1% of the world's population today are refugees, internally displaced or stateless. They live difficult, dangerous lives, have few protections and often no voice. Meanwhile, globalisation has been lop-sided. Money and goods can move relatively easily across the world, but people rarely can. Ameya Naik returns to The Pragati Podcast to talk about refugees, distress migrants and the movement of people across the world.

The Pragati Podcast is a weekly talk-show on public policy, economics and international relations hosted by Pavan Srinath.

Ameya Naik is a Non-Resident Associate Fellow at the Takshashila Institution and a recurring guest on The Pragati Podcast. Listen to earlier episodes with Ameya below:
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Ep. 119: Refugees in the 21st Century

Ep. 119: Refugees in the 21st Century

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