DiscoverThe Ben Shapiro ShowEp. 1220 - Biden Falls Down The Stairs
Ep. 1220 - Biden Falls Down The Stairs

Ep. 1220 - Biden Falls Down The Stairs

Update: 2021-03-2210


President Biden is stumbling down stairs and crowding migrant children into cages, but his approval ratings are golden; the establishment media turn over the keys to Ibram X. Kendi; and another woke culture warrior has a guilty past.

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Everyone on the Right has been crying about the Liberal Controlled Media/Bias for decades now, which they claim is unfair to them at every turn and is the primary source of the lies and misinformation that maligns public perception of RepubliCONs and all the Good they would share with and bestow upon all Muricans, if only they weren't thwarted at every turn by those damned Communist-Socialist-Leftist media types! The problem with that argument? It is, like nearly everything else they claim, about their party and its failed policies, a fabrication that doesn't hold up to even mild scrutiny. Last time I checked, over 70% of all media outlets in the country are owned and operated by Far-Right Crusaders who by their own admission, have a duty to push their faith-based agenda on everyone, facts and empirical knowledge be damned... and they do it while claiming that it's justified in order to 'Save The Country' from utter destruction and collapse, which is the only possible outcome of a shift to renewable energy and equal rights fer minorities and LGBTQ the Satanic-Cannibal-Pedophile Cult that ALL Dems in Federal gov't are active members of, but not a single Republican Conservative is connected to in any way whatsoever, I assume because it would conflict with their flawless record of moral action and self-sacrifice which is the one thing they're known for. Blind allegiance to either party is idiotic, and every American should make the commitment to REFUSE TO VOTE FOR any candidate that won't commit to only accepting campaign donations from private citizens insted of Superpacs, Mega-Ccrporations and Wall Street fatcats. There you go Ben, your Libs=Bad, Cons=Good theory and Liberal Media Bias - Debunked in 15 minutes! You are Welcome.

Mar 22nd
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Ep. 1220 - Biden Falls Down The Stairs

Ep. 1220 - Biden Falls Down The Stairs

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